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If the TV fault is a backlight problem, this can be a risky type of repair as the LCD screen has to be removed which is very delicate and can sometimes crack. PB Electronics repair will not be held liable for any LCD panels damaged during repair.

Estimates charged on most types of repairs, LCD tv's (40), AV amplifiers (50), DJ Mixers (50) and all types of in car units (40). This is to cover the time taken to dismantle these units and time involved quoting the unit. If I find the unit is unrepairable or you decline the estimate, I will part refund some of the estimate fee when collecting the unit, depending on how much time I have spent on it.

From November 2020
LCD tv's upto 42 inch, estimate of 40 paid on delivery and a repair price, if repaired of 60 extra paid on collection of the TV, so 100 repair. Cracked and damaged screens are not repairable. Please contact me before delivering, as I will only repair 1 tv at a time due to having limited space to store and repair them.

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